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OCTOBER 08, 2020

Families can be a source of tremendous support and structure for the members within it. Within families, are subsystems or groups of family members which interact with the rest of the family. These subsystems influence the greater family system. Alongside these subsystems exist boundaries or the "rules" for relating within the greater family system. 

What exactly are boundaries and how do they impact family dynamics and contribute to the way we relate to others outside our family? 

Boundaries are the rules for managing physical and psychological distance between family members, for defining the regulation of closeness, distance, hierarchy, and family roles (Minuchin & Fishman, 1981). Boundaries are typically grouped into three flavors. Firstly, there are clear boundaries which are considered typical boundaries that allow for close emotional contact with others while simultaneously allowing each person to maintain a sense of identity and differentiation. Next, there are diffuse or weak boundaries which do not allow for a clear distinction between family members and create a strong sense of connection at the expense of individual autonomy. Lastly, there are rigid boundaries, in which individual autonomy and independence are emphasized at the expense of emotional connection within the family.

The family as a system along with the individuals within the family work together to determining the rules and boundaries that organize the family structure and family dynamics.


OCTOBER 06, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and defeated? Here are 7 tips to help combat stress and take on life's obstacles.

  1. Say "NO" when you need to.

  2. Setting Boundaries with yourself, others, and things.

  3. Ask for help from someone you trust.

  4. Allow yourself to feel and experience uncomfortable feelings/emotions.

  5. Remember, "You are OK, just as you are"

  6. Practice Self-Care by taking 15 minutes out of your day to do something for you.

  7. Adopt a Growth Mindset

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