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Counseling and Coaching for Parents of Children with Special Needs

"I can't do this any longer!"

"I am so worried and tired that I can't even enjoy the good things in my life."

"I know he isn't doing it on purpose, but I get so angry with his behavior!"

"I feel so alone"

"I put my life on hold because my family needed me."

"I love my family, but sometimes I don't like them very much"

     Life can be tough. You know things need to change but you don't know how to how. Or you know how, in theory, but you are having trouble making it happen. This is a good time to seek counseling. 

     I often work with families that have children (even adult children) with special needs.  Whether your child has autism, Asperger's, ADD, developmental disabilities, chronic health problems or mental illness, the specifics of the challenge don't matter. My focus is on YOU - what do YOU need to help you cope better with the your family's challenges. 

If any of this sounds familiar please contact us.

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