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Can Matt Help with My Problem?

People seek coaching from Matt for many different reasons. Some of these include:

  •  Feeling overwhelmed or struggling to cope with the challenges in your life. You may be feeling depression, stress, anxiety, anger, worry & frustration.

  • Parenting a child or children who have special needs is a life-long challenge from adjusting to the first diagnosis all way through the transition to parenting an adult child who still needs you. My focus is on you, as a person, as well as a parent, and how to support you in taking care of yourself and your own happiness while still taking care of your family.

  • Couples wanting to improve their connection or repair their relationship.

  •  Coping with the impact of disability or illness on your family. You may be trying to deal with your own disability or be the parent or sibling of a person with special needs.

  • Wanting to create a healthy, balanced sense of self-esteem. 

  • Wanting to improve your relationship with the people that you care about – parents, partners, children and friends.

I Provide Tools that Can Help You:

  • Feel more grounded and safe.

  • Practice self care and compassion.

  • Reclaim ownership of your life.

  • Build happy and healthy relationships.

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